Vagrant Trespassing

Summers can be long and lethal for those who can’t escape the heat, leaving vagrants to seek shelter by finding coverage under trees, canopies or even behind dumpsters on public and private property.  Unfortunately, the vagrant population is at an all-time high across the Western US and illicit drug use amongst them is also on the rise! CV Surveillance Specialists help protect your property from this vagrant activity by using visual surveillance and audio speaking. Through audio we ask them to leave the premises or be sited by PD for trespassing!  In May and June alone our Surveillance Specialists have had 6 arrests associated to vagrant trespassing, criminal mischief and distribution and/or use of illicit drugs.  #NotOnOurWatchVagrant 1 Vagrant 2 Vagrant 3 Vagrant 4Hallway Vagrants

No Trespassing

NO TRESPASSING – Trespassers will be arrested!  This law had to be enforced last week at one of our monitored California properties. A CV Surveillance Specialists noticed an intoxicated trespasser behind the building, he immediately contacted the local police dept. and notified them of the No Trespassing and stated to arrest anyone who is on property illegally. Police arrived, searched the area for drugs and arrested the male.

Mailbox Vandalism Prevented

A Surveillance Specialist at CV was able to prevent a federal offense from occurring by stopping two females trying to break-in to residential community mailboxes. Mailboxes are vulnerable to vandalism because they are usually isolated, located on public thoroughfares, and frequently not visible to the box owners from their homes. CV at it again……#NotOnOurWatch

Do Drugs, Do Time

Do Drugs, Do Time!

At one of our many local Arizona properties that we monitor, a CV Surveillance Specialist observed two individuals, male and female, behind the building which looked to be using drug paraphernalia.  Phoenix PD was contacted immediately, when another male individual on a bike approached them and gave them something suspicious.  When Phoenix PD approached the individuals the officer brandished his weapon and detained the couple.  Unfortunately, the man on the bicycle got away.  #NotOnOurWatch


Virtual Engineer

Centralized Vision Specialists are skilled at monitoring EMS systems, Temperature, Uninterruptable Power Supply, Flood Detection, Elevators, Irrigation and Lighting allowing facilities engineers peace of mind in knowing that they will be contacted in the event of a severe event.


Vagrant Tantrum – 1-Way Communication Works!

1-Way audio communication is all the rage!  By using audio in environments where vagrants and/or suspicious activity occurs, it really does get their attention!  Take a close look at this video clip of a vagrant seen by our CV Surveillance Specialist during a routine inspection. The vagrant is seen rummaging in the dumpster, which is an obvious violation of property rules.  He clearly hears our “live” voice asking him to get out of the dumpster and leave the property immediately or have to deal with the police.  After several minutes of watching him communicate via sign language, the police were called, the trespasser finally leaves the premises but not before throwing a temper tantrum!

Virtual Concierge

Introducing VIRTUAL CONCIERGE, another exciting service Centralized Vision offers in the Virtual Service Platform –

VIRTUAL CONCIERGE – Centralized Vision operators are online and ready to assist you with Employee Visual Escort, Employee Scout Ahead, Vocal Communication (one and/or two-way), employee/tenant Data Entry, Access Control (open and lock doors), manage Alarm Events and manage User Privileges. Card/Fob creation and deactivation, Video Archiving, Video Investigations, Data sharing and Reporting. Employee Support — Share contact information, Share confidential information, Assist with V.I.P’s.

Warning – Trashy Video

At one of our many monitored California commercial properties, a CV Surveillance Specialists catches this garbage man having a tough day on the job.   Not only does he struggle with the receptacle, but he leaves the trash spewed all over the place for someone else to clean up. Normally he gets away with it, but with CV’s “eye in the sky” we notify the property management company of this trashy disaster so they can hold the person accountable instead of being left wondering how this happened and stuck dealing with the trash themselves! #virtualguard#eyeinthesky #notonourwatch

Virtual Guard

At the end of 2016 we announced our Virtual Service Platform. As promised we would like to begin introducing the many services we provide within our Virtual Service Platform.

Virtual-Security-Guard1VIRTUAL GUARD – Centralized Visions Surveillance Specialists are online 24/7/365 watching and managing all security and safety systems. Virtual Guard offers the ability to control, monitor and manage Security Cameras, Audio Voice Down, Panic Call Box, Access Control, Intrusion, Evacuation and offer Crowd Control Assistance to include in-suite or building Route Guidance in the event of, active shooter, fire or flood.

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